The BHive – Health and Fitness Facility

What is the BHive?

In 2018 we officially opened our ‘expansion’ to Be Strong Fitness Geelong.

The BHive – Health and Fitness Facility is an extra 220sqm of space where we are offering even more services and tools to help you reach your health, strength, fitness and physique goals. Two Side by Side Facilities catering to all of your Strength and Fitness needs.

To go with the expansion in our facilities which is still located at 1-2/158 McClelland Av, Lara we are adding:

  • 29 Weekly group classes
  • More functional training space to give our classes even more variety, plenty of space for members to train.
  • Training and class specific equipment
  • Shower and change room facilities
  • Kids safe area for them to chill while you train

The expansion also meant we were not only able to offer more space for a much higher variety of class styles and use of specialised equipment.

We now also offer exclusive classes to members in BHive including Step and Core, Aerobics, MetaFit, Kids Fitness and Boxing for Kids and Adults as well as Muay Thai all taught by highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches who specialise in their fields.

For info on our current classes and weekly schedule click on the ‘Classes’ tab or to book in a tour of our facilities and have your initial consultation with one of our trainers who are ready to help you reach your goals click on the link below.

You have the option of unlimited class access! You won’t believe how much value we are offering for such a competitive membership rate.

Don’t hesitate… we look forward to seeing you at the BHive!

What Makes the BHive Unique?

Our Highly Experienced Coaches

All our coaches practice what they preach!

We talk the talk and walk the walk. When you come to a class you will have the piece of mind that you are with a coach who will always have your best interest first and foremost while training and challenging you appropriately your safety is our number 1 priority.
We will make sure to have you performing exercises with the best and safest techniques and pride ourselves on not just our ability to motivate and inspire you but to make sure you are always on the right track when here with us!

Training doesn’t need to be a daunting or scary process let our fun, energised and highly experienced coaches bring our the best in you and get you to your health and fitness goals.


High Intensity Volume Evaluation Sessions

BHive members will have the chance to participate in scheduled ‘Testing’ Sessions Known as HIVES to assess where they are at and see their progress over time. These are done as workouts and range in variety of movements to formats.
They will always be on scheduled advertised days.

These High Intensity Volume Evaluations will be set to help all members test and assess their current state and in time have a chance to beat their old scores. Don’t just turn up come in with intent to always better yourself in any way.

Perfect for those looking for that extra physical challenge to get them to the next level and track their ongoing progress.

Kids are welcome

Are you a mum or dad who wants to get exercise back into their weekly routine?

We know how hard it can be with a little one or two or even three so we have put together a great class to help you get moving and keep your bub close by.
We offer a variety of classes friendly for mums/dads with babies and toddlers. We have an ideal environment to help you get a great training session in to improve strength and fitness while having fun with your little one close by. Our designated Kids area is a safe space designed for little ones to be in the gym with you while you train.
Our space is safe and welcoming to children of all ages and our coaches are highly experienced in helping you get a great session in while ensuring all in the space stay safe and have fun.

Teen Strength Training Program

We now offer a strength training and weights program specifically for Teenagers of all experience levels. Weekly coached group class included. Every Thursday our Teens train together with Coach Dave 4:45-5:30pm

Teen Strength membership includes:

  • Access to strength gym in supervised staffed hours
  • A training program appropriate to their experience level
  • Weekly coached group training sessions

What Classes Are Best For You?

Need help figuring out which classes will best suit you and how to set up your weekly training schedule?
Maybe you want a bit of group training and some one on one guidance to get you to your goals.

Speak in person with one of our highly experienced Coaches who are super motivated to help put you on the right path to get the most out of your training, nutrition and recovery.

Let us put together an individualised package that fits your lifestyle and makes the most of your time in the gym.
From tailored plans to keeping you accountable with tracking measurements we are eager to help.
Click below to set up your free initial consultation with Jo or Dave.

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