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April Athlete of The Month

Ainslee Grodan  (click here)

There’s life outside of training?? Just kidding!!! I’m a PT and mother to Tyler. Our down time is usually spent at the beach or climbing the beautiful glasshouse mountains.

Keeping it Real - Comp Prep Fatigue

By Joanne Greagen (click here)

In my desperate fight to find a way to get my head right again, I realised how much social media doesn’t promote who we are as athletes – it promotes how we want others to
perceive us. It is not a place for motivation, it’s a place for comparisons. It’s a place where we can be whoever we want to be.   Sure, it can show you what is achievable and this can be used as ‘inspiration’, but ultimately people aren’t showing you what is Real. 

Jades Journey to a Positive Body image

By Jade Cranwell (click here)

I don’t want to sound completely cliché when I talk about how I became a strongwoman athlete, but I guess it may come across that way. I’m hoping that talking about my experiences will encourage other women to venture out of their comfort zones to potentially find something they love doing. 

March Athlete of the Month

Ali Goodsell (click here)
While most would have given up on lifting weights after undergoing emergency brain surgery and disc replacement surgery – Alli G held strong. In fact it wasn’t until after undergoing disc surgery on her lumber, neck and brain that Alli took an interest in Strongwoman at all.  

Do Strongwoman

By Alison Dann (click here)

 Why can super heroes do what they can do? They have the confidence in their abilities. Now this is directed mostly to women just starting out, not necessarily wanting to compete in strongwoman (that may come).

Australia's Strongest Woman

Martha Tevita (click here)

Strongwoman Martha Tevita has her sights set high as she takes on the Worlds Strongest Strongwoman at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio this coming March 2017 

Jo and Dakoda's on OzPower Podcast

Great snippet of OzPower Podcast Episode 4 with Jo and Dakoda interviewed by James and Pat. Check them out on Youtube for more of this and many other great episodes.