Classes and Operating Hours

X-Training / Circuit

Xtraining fitness Class.
Suited to ALL fitness and strength levels. Our X-Training sessions are a blend of various training methods. Designed to keep your heart rate up to increase fitness, burn calories and tone up. Lots of fun!
Caloriees Burnt Approx 350-500

Monday 6-6:45PM
Thursay 7-7:45pm
Friday 6:30-7:15pm
Sunday 9:30-10:15am


Boxfit is designed for beginners to advance fitness levels. Come learn boxing in a fun and supportive environment. Box will help you get fit and keep in shape by burning apporx 400 calories per session.

Wednesday 7-8pm

StrongFit Kids

Strongfit Kids is the start of a New Program we will be running. Having 3 children myself I understand that our kids are spending more and more time on their ipads and computer games. This class is uniquely designed to help kids develop fitness and work on muscle activation through a variety of games and fitness challenges is a supportive environment. 

First Session Monday 1st May 4:15-5pm

Operating Hours

Monday  6am - 2pm / 5:30pm - 9pm

Wednesday 6am-7am /  9:30am-2pm / 5:30pm-9pm

Thursday 6am - 2pm / 5:30pm - 9pm

Friday 6am - 2pm / 6pm - 9pm

Saturday 6am-12pm

Sunday 8am-12pm
(Out of operating hours access available upon approval)