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Coaches Leading The Way

The home of some of Geelong's Strongest. Lara's No.1 Owner Operated Strength and Conditioning Facility.

Jo and Dave are the head coaches and co-directors of Be Strong Fitness Geelong. Together they have 16 years of  industry experience.  

Jo Greagen is an Elite 67.5kg class Powerlifter/World Record Holder and Strongwomen competitor. Coaching clients in small PT groups in the above speciality areas as well as various group training classes. 

Jo is also renowned as a Bootcamp trainer. Training with all fitness and strength levels.

David Tran- Cong competes at an Elite level in Equipped Powerlifting and amature Strongman. Dave specialises in Strength and Conditioning, from beginners to elite athletes and lectures in this field at Victoria University. He also works with Personal Training Clients helping them to reach their goals. Dave has been working with fitness and weightloss clients with amazing results for years.

Both Jo and Dave have a proven track record of long term clients and an extensive list of industry connections and testimonials from many levels of sport and exercise.

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Premier Group Fitness Facility

We offer a variety of classes for all ages with a focus of toning/weightloss and fitness for all ages and experience levels from our brand new BHive Health and Fitnes Facility right next door to Be Strong Fitness Geelong.
Our classes include X-Training/Circuit and Boxing.

For The Kids -

We have a fitness/boxing class. Full of fun so the kids can enjoy their training and gain the benefits of muscle activation exercises and the fundamentals to set kids up for a healthy future!

Kids have a discounted membership.

We also run exclusive Challenges,  Strength Programs, Bootcamps and Fitness Programs periodically through the year to bring out the best in our clients and help get you to your goals. Training in a group environment is not only cost effective but can really help with motivation and and social networking.

In 2018 we aspire to offer even more health and fitness services to the local community of Lara and surrounding areas with the expansion of our family friendly BHive Facility.

Keep an eye on our calendar for our upcoming events and programs.

Events Claneder

Home of Strongwoman Australia and Best In The West.

We have set a platform for a community of women supporting each other through their Strength Journey's. We have a Strongwoman Australia Blog page/online store/face book and IG page ran by members of the industry from all over Australia banning together to support and promote the Sport of Strongwoman to all. 

"Best In The West"  

The biggest Strongwoman only event to be held in the Western  Suburbs of Victoria. It showcase's our nation’s strongest women battling it out in a series of grueling events. Now attracting international competitors right here in Lara! 

Want to start your Strongwoman Journey learn from top Strongwoman within Aus and get the support and guidance you need to excel.

From beginners to seasoned competitors this is a great platform for sharing your journey and experiences.

Stay updated with all the Strongwoman news in Aus and overseas check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Strongwoman AUS Articles

Our Team Of Professional Coaches

Joanne Greagen


Elite Strength Coach

Class/Bootcamp Instructor

Personal Trainer

- National Powerlifting Champion

- World and National Record Holder

- Arnold Classic Competitor and Winner

- Competitive and coaching experience at a national and international level

- Highly experienced Bootcamp Instructor

Specializing in Bootcamps, Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting, Strongman/woman, Comp Prep, Emergency Services Fitness testing, Kids Classes and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention

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David Tran-Cong


Elite Strength Coach

Class/Bootcamp Instructor

Personal Trainer

- Competitive Weightlifter (VWA)

- National Record Holder

- University Lecturer

- Equipped Competitive Powerlifter of over 10 years

- Athletic Preparation and youth development coach

Specializing in Group Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strowgman/woman, Comp Prep, Emergency Services Fitness testing, Kids Classes and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention

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Kylie Smith

Personal Trainer

Weight-loss Coach

Class/Bootcamp Instructor

Pole Dance Fitness Instructor

- Director / Head Instructor Smitt Fitt Aerial Fitness

- Amateur Pole Fitness Competitor

- Team BSFG Elite Powerlifter

- Results backed weight-loss coach

- Highly experienced Bootcamp and group training instructor

Specializing in Bootcamps, Strength Training, Body Re-composition and Weight-loss, Injury Management, Rehabilitation and Prevention, Mums and Bubs, Pole Artistry Strength and Condtioning.

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Team BSFG Elite Athletes

Competition Programming

We offer individualised programming to suit your lifestyle and needs. 

We will guide you every step of the way in preparation for your next competitive event. 

We can  help you with peaking, tapering, recovery and nutrition/weight cuts.

Programming packages

Elite Coaching

Receive hands on coaching or online video analysis from our 'Remote Programming and Coaching' Package from highly experienced elite coaches who will help you be your best!

For all our programming and coaching options click on the links below.

Online/Remote Coaching

Comp Day Coaching

Want a coach at your side on comp day who will take away all the stress and have you in a position where you can focus on being your best?

From knee wrapping, attempt selection, technical assistance and technique analysis we can help you with everthing you need of an experienced, professional coach on competition day.

Strength Sports

Our elite coaches have over 10 years experience in strength sports and have competed themselves at an elite level.

If you are a:




Girevoy/Kettlebell Sport

Arm Wrestler

Body Builder

Mass Wrestler

We have the tools and experience to help you improve and compete at a high level.

Strength and Conditioning

No matter what sport you participate in our elite coaches can help you! Our current athletes range from:

- Powerlifting








-Long Distance Track and Field



Injury Management

Want to keep performing at your best or need to get back to your best our elite coaches can help you rehab or manage any injuries that may be limiting you. We network with a great team of allied health professionals from Physios to Massage therapist so we can help you optimise your performance.

From our individualised programming to hands on coaching we can help you work through a number of injuries and have you back participating in the sport you love or prevent the risk of re-injury.

In House Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy

Feeling those little niggles and pains from training hard or just need a treatment to get you feeling good and moving well?

Come see our resident massage therapist Annie.

Highly Experienced and Helps You Be Your Best

Annie will give you the treatment you need to be at your best and performing at your peak.

She is highly experienced with athletes and sports massage offering a range of treatments from Deep Tissue to Relaxation and Injury Management.

Treat yourself today! 

Call- 0467 848 149 to book an appointment with Annie

Gym Tour with OzPower Podcast

Thank you to James and Pat from OzPower Podcast for dropping in and checking out our facility and chatting with head coach Jo. Here is video that they took of our facility back in early 2017.