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We have highly experienced and motivated Trainers

Our Personal Training team are highly qualified and experienced to help guide you to the steps needed to reach your goals. Have your own personal strength, health and nutrition coach on hand to support you every step of the way. Male and Female coaches available.

From one on one private sessions to small group and shared coached sessions we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Our coaches will get you on the right path while you enjoy your time spent in the gym.

We will keep you motivated and moving forward!

All our coaches specialise in their unique areas while all sharing common ideologies and core values within our gym community. Most importantly we want to see you doing well and achieving your goals! From seasoned athelete to new members wanting to gain confidence in the gym we will put your needs and successes at the forefront.

Get yourself on the right path for success with our coaches now!

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Fully Equipped Weights Training Area

Strength Sports

Strength And Conditioning

General Strength


From Powerlifting, Strongman and Weightlifting we have all the equipment you will need to get started or get you to your next Competition!

General Strength

Strength And Conditioning

General Strength


From general strength training to Bodybuilding/Physique style training or if you just want to tone up we have what you need to get results.

Strength And Conditioning

Strength And Conditioning

Strength And Conditioning


 We provide all the free weight and machines that will cater to your strength and conditioning needs. Perfect for all athletes. 

Deadlift Till You Drop

Don't Wait For a Squat Rack

Strength And Conditioning


We have multiple Deadlift Platforms and areas where lifting heavy, using chalk and making 'noise' will not be an issue.

Don't Wait For a Squat Rack

Don't Wait For a Squat Rack

Don't Wait For a Squat Rack


We have plenty of squat racks to cater to all our members needs and all have their own bars, 'Pro-Lock' Collars and Weight Plate sets.

Competition Equipment

Don't Wait For a Squat Rack

Don't Wait For a Squat Rack


We have regulation competition standard equipment to suit many strength sports. Here you will find a Monolift, Comp Benchpresses, Deadlift and Weightlifting Platforms, Competition Specific Bars.

BHive Weekly Class Timetable

The BHive - Health and Fitness Facility

What is the BHive?


We are very excited to announce that we have officially opened our 'expansion' to Be Strong Fitness Geelong.

The BHive - Health and Fitness Facility is an extra 220sqm of space where we are offering even more services and tools to help you reach your health, strength, fitness and physique goals.

To go with the expansion in our facilities which is still located at 1-2/158 McClelland Av, Lara we are adding:

- 25 Weekly group classes

- More functional X-Training and class specific equipment

- Shower and change room facilities

and new trainers Kylie and Alby who come on board our highly experienced coaching staff as group fitness instructors and Personal Trainers.

The expansion also means we will be expanding on our functional strength training area to include even more equipment.

As of Monday the 3rd of September 2018 will be offering the below new classes and our current list of scheduled classes:

- Bootcamp Thursday 6-6:45am / Friday 5:45-6:30pm

- MumFit Boxing Wednesday 10:30-11:15am

- Kids Only Boxing Thursday 4:45-5:30pm 

For info on our current classes and weekly schedule click on the 'Classes' link above or to book in a tour of our facilities and have your initial consultation with one of our trainers who are ready to help you reach your goals click on the link below.

You have the option of unlimited class access! You won't believe how much value we are offering for such a competitive membership rate.

Don't hesitate... we look forward to seeing you at the BHive!

Kettlebell Sport at Be Strong Fitness Geelong

Girevoy Sport is in Lara

Girevoy Sport is in Lara

Girevoy Sport is in Lara


Girevoy Sport also known as Kettlebell Sport is now here in Lara and Geelong with the introduction of the Geelong Kettlebell Sport Club (GKSC)

Originating from Russia and the eastern European block this strength and endurance sport will surely get you in shape and improve general strength.

Learn how to get started from a highly experienced coach.


Girevoy Sport is in Lara

Girevoy Sport is in Lara


The team at Be Strong Fitness Geelong warmly opens its doors and welcomes Roger Ruzzier and the Geelong Kettlebell Club to call BSFG their new home!

Head of the GKSC, Roger is an international Kettlebell Sport athlete and highly qualified Girevoy Coach. He has represented Australia at many overseas competitions and studied with the best.

Get Started Today

Girevoy Sport is in Lara

Get Started Today


Did you want to come try your hand at Kettlebell Sport or just learn the basics of what is required? 

Get in touch with us today and have professional coach Roger show you the ropes. Join him and the team in open lift sessions every Saturday 9:30am right here at our facility.